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Joining Us

Reconsulting team members are passionate about helping people to achieve extraordinary results.

We have built a team that is unusual in its ability to combine the art and science of strategy, leadership and culture.

The talents, strengths, skills we look for are:

Strategy and Senior Team Alignment

  • Strategic thinking – see big picture as well as details;
  • Analytical ability and clear thinking;
  • Able to work with senior people;
  • Able to work at organisational, team and individual level;
  • Practical, down to earth, while ambitious and far sighted;
  • Able to imagine and structure future scenarios.

Leadership and High Performance Environment

  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Rapport;
  • Empathy;
  • Listening;
  • Facilitation;
  • Interviewing and coaching skills;
  • Presentation and facilitation of events;
  • Communication skills – written and spoken.

Execution and Implementation

  • Organised;
  • Able to design, structure and manage projects and outcomes;
  • Ability to assess change issues and develop organisational strategies to deliver programmes.

General and Practice Development

  • Knowledge of selling processes and ability to sell consulting work, manage client relationships;
  • Problem solving;
  • Creative thinking – ability to generate new ideas;
  • Commercially aware.


Strategy and planning; designing and running senior team strategy workshops; conducting and managing desk and participative research; working with senior teams and individuals; team development at Board/senior executive level.

People oriented change; leadership development; learning and development in the context of business strategy; development of high performance cultures; employee engagement; change management; stakeholder engagement; coaching, applied, eg: sports psychology.

Innovative programme and project management (ideally involving visual management or Lean type engagement as well as traditional planning); innovative strategy execution.

Selling consultancy; client relationship management.


We are looking for the following positions:

  • Full time, permanent members of the team, able to work on any/all projects, combining all the skills above; also to contribute to growth of the firm.
  • Interim specialists, leading projects which specialise in either strategy, high performance cultures or change management/organisation design and programme delivery
  • Associates to work part time on, eg: coaching, facilitation

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