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Rapid Strategy Deployment

Rapid Strategy Deployment provides a process and framework that ensures robust strategies are developed and implemented and develops the leadership and enthusiasm necessary to engage and inspire the entire business.

“ReConsulting have re-established my belief in the value of the management consultancy….helping us develop our strategic framework and, importantly, ensuring that there is a skill transfer into our company…they have been invaluable to our strategy development.”

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Building Future Leaders

We believe that organisations are shadows of their leaders, and the behaviour and alignment of senior executives are critical elements impacting performance.

For many organisations there is no robust process for leadership development. And traditional development programmes are not directly tied to business performance or the health of the company’s culture.

By Rethinking leadership development we can produce profound shifts in behaviour that motivates and inspires superior performance.

“Overall, probably the single course in my career that’s had the biggest impact on what I actually do.”

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Top Team Insight

The senior team has a tremendous influence on the performance of the business and top team alignment is crucial to superior business performance.

How does a CEO know when the top team is functioning well and when it needs a tune up? Problems in the top team can be an early warning indicator of performance difficulties to come.

TopTeam Insight comprises survey tools and a facilitated process for the top team to assess their own performance, and ensure they remain aligned and effective as a team.

“TopTeam Insight helped my senior executive team pinpoint several internal issues and regain our alignment.”

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