Strategy Implementation and Governance

Too many organisations fall between the cracks of strategy and implementation.

Through our Rapid Strategy Deployment (RSD™) process we help you clarify your strategic objectives and the initiatives to deliver them. Using this foundation, we can then support you with the tools to draw the road map for how to get there, and a governance structure to ensure the decisions made along the way are the right ones.

We use simple but effective Visual Management Tools to define the journey, the milestones and the decision points in a way that can be used effectively by all levels of the organisation. Our visual management tools can easily be integrated with your own programme management approach, and allow the board member to govern with a one-page overview, whilst those working on individual initiatives have all the detail and linkages they need to get the job done.

The governance and visual management system keeps the over-arching purpose clear, and helps everyone understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Within and across each of those pieces, we help leaders focus on developing and maintaining the behaviours that will create transparency, accountability, and results. Our approach creates integrity – strategy implementation that is sound, whole, honest, and effective.