Your People


Healthy organisations share three outcomes that develop sustainable high performance; personal awareness and wellbeing (The “I”), relationships that enable them to collaborate together effectively (The “We”) and a performance oriented approach to drive towards a shared business goal (The “It”).

Many interventions focus on one of these dimensions at a time, and are often weighted toward strategic priorities (The “It”), yet the most effective interventions apply a systemic approach to address all three dimensions collectively.


The “I”: Through experiential based learning, we use a number of frameworks and tools to develop effective self-awareness and self-management – helping people gain insight into their personal perceptions, preferences and working styles in order to build strong working relationships with others.


The “We”: Our tools for productive teamwork are practiced when developing the RSD initiatives and objectives. All of our tools address one of three team effectiveness principles; communication, negotiation and coordination.


The tools are easy to understand intellectually, but difficult to implement under pressure.  Although they represent common sense, they are not always common practice.  Therefore, application in real context is critical for success.

Using these tools, we work with leaders and their teams to create an environment of robust relationships, accountability and open performance dialogue.