Building Sustainable Growth

Avelo was created out of 3 related but separate businesses:

  • The UK’s leading Portal, through which 80%+ of all pensions and mortgage quotes were processed
  • The leading IFA back office software business
  • A software development business building systems for the large Life and Pension providers

The strategy was to build a differentiated business, making connections to transform the economics of the industry for the benefit of all.

The challenge included integration  of the three businesses, and implementing a strategy in fast moving and turbulent market conditions.

Beginning in late 2010, Reconsulting worked with Avelo to develop and deploy a strategy built upon the strengths of the three businesses  while at the same time helping the leaders to shape a culture to support the new Avelo.

Through 2011, the strategy was articulated in a series of Visual Maps, making transparent milestones and activities.  This provided the basis to monitor and track progress, as well as a platform to engage everyone in the business face to face, building a common understanding of how all contributed to the strategy.

Reconsulting developed a tailored development programme, “Leading for Greatness” for the Executive Team and the top 60 leaders in the business.  This programme  covered leadership skills, applied action learning and inquiry processes and coaching skills  for leaders  across the business.

In 2012 Avelo was sold to IRESS, the Australian technology provider.

Avelo image

In 2012 IRESS acquired Avelo as a key element supporting it’s entry into Europe.