SMART Technologies

Recapturing Profitable Growth

SMART grew rapidly over 10 years from a start up to become the global leader in the Education White Board market.  SMART had captured 75% of the market in developed economies, had an industry leading proposition and bright prospects.

It listed on the NASDAQ and the TSE in 2010, SMART had $750m in revenue, and looked poised to continue its meteoric rise.

However, a collapse in Education funding in key markets, combined with failure to generate significant growth in the Enterprise market had lead to two years of rapidly declining sales, orders and share price.

SMART risked having a cost base designed for a $1Billion business with revenues of $500 to $600m.

In late 2012 Reconsulting was engaged to support the senior team in developing an operating model fit for the current environment and an organisation structure to deliver growth in both the Education and Enterprise markets.

We worked with the Executive teams for both Business Units and the top 65 leaders,  ensuring clarity of strategy using our RSD process.  The approach aligned the teams around specific strategic initiatives and the development of clear Behavioural Frameworks  to support strategy delivery.

The RSD process provides a disciplined Strategy Delivery process and we have helped to lay the foundations of a high performance culture of accountability.

SMART has realised a 25% reduction in cash Operation Expenses, which has made a major contribution to their return to profitability.

Even more importantly, the alignment of strategy, structure and culture has at the same time enabled the launch of a record number of new products in Education and Enterprise, and the successful launch of a global partnership with Microsoft Lync for the new Smart Room Systems.

SMART case study graph