Cross Functional Alignment

‘Cross Functional Alignment’ – using Rapid Strategy Deployment to deliver Breakthrough Objectives

Clients across several sectors have struggled to help strongly focused functional silos work together to meet stretch objectives.


In 2006/7 Pace was struggling to survive in the highly competitive set top box industry.  Procurement, Engineering and Sales worked in strong silos and were struggling to deliver product on time and cost.

Tesco Central Europe

Tesco Hardlines business needed to consolidate separate Supply Chains across 4 countries, applying new Systems, new centralised warehousing and new processes by August.  On 1 January the 4 country organisations were not working with central Supply Chain and the location for the centralised warehouse was not yet agreed.

Reconsulting applied our Rapid Strategy Deployment (RSDTM) and Senior Team Alignment process along with Visual Management to facilitate horizontal collaboration and deliver Breakthrough Strategic Objectives in record time.

In each client, Reconsulting worked with the senior leadership teams to build common objectives, rapidly surface issues and make problems and progress visual and transparent to all parties.

The RSDTM process makes explicit the nature of shared objectives and accountabilities.  Our Visual Management tools make clear and transparent dependencies and issues and our facilitation skills help build productive conversations within teams, and crucially, across functional boundaries.

At Pace, this extended across the whole organisation as teams worked together to deliver product On Time, On Quality and On Margin.

At Tesco, strong visual management tools ensured all parties discussed and resolved cross functional issues on a timely basis, accelerating implementation.

In each case, building alignment across boundaries helped to deliver extraordinary results.




Financial Results ($m)



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“Reconsulting had a profound effect on the Leadership team at Pace – we would not have achieved our growth and Number 1 position without their support”

Neil Gaydon. CEO

Tesco Central Europe

  1. New Distribution Centre operational in 7 months
  2. New ERP system implemented and operational on time
  3. Data entry times reduced by 64%

“The project delivered the smoothest and fastest distribution centre start up I’ve seen, delivering capacity within seven months which is on a par with one of our top UK non-food sites.”

Tim Flavin, Commercial Director & Project Sponsor