‘Building the world’s leading Set Top Box Business’ Rapid Strategy Deployment and Senior Team Alignment

The new CEO at Pace needed to lead a turnaround if Pace was to survive.

In 2006, Pace plc was an ailing business with revenues of $328m and losses of over $29m. It had an inflexible and unresponsive organisational structure which was restricting business performance. The business lacked customer focus, the culture was weak and management was remote to the rest of the business

The operations were heavily siloed, with lack of effective cooperation and collaboration across procurement, central engineering, and the commercial sales / customer facing teams.

The Set Top Box industry is highly competitive, and Pace was reliant on only a few key customers.

A transformation of the culture and operations of the business, putting the customer at the heart of the business, was needed to make Pace a market leader, being the first to market with the new technologies demanded by Pay TV Operators.

Reconsulting helped align the senior Leadership Team using our Rapid Strategy Deployment (RSDTM) and Senior Team Alignment process.

Reconsulting worked with the Executive Leadership team, helping the team to build a clear behaviour framework with clear accountability for delivering the turnaround strategy.

Our RSDTM process provided a framework for making the strategy tangible, building shared objectives and accountabilities for delivering cross functional strategic initiatives.

For example, Procurement needed to collaborate with Regional teams to deliver Bill of Material improvements and the new organisational structure ensured engineering and sales teams worked together to meet customer needs.

We worked with the wider Leadership team to ensure focus was balanced on longer term strategy AND operational delivery, and that the Pace Values truly put the customer at the heart of the business.

An aligned leadership team, with a robust Strategy Deployment Process, and ownership of Values to drive a High Performance Culture led to significant growth, and the positioning of Pace as the world’s leading Set Top Box business.



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As Pace began to accelerate its ability to deliver new technologies to market first, they expanded to the point where they worked with more than 50% of the world’s leading Pay TV Operators and led the introduction of advance Digital PVRs and HD set top boxes in the world’s largest markets.

Pace was able to integrate the acquisition of Philips set top box business, and move into Software and Services to enable it to continue to lead as the Digital Television market continues to innovate and evolve.