A Chat With Terry

An interview with Terry Finerty, founding partner.

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What made you found a new consulting firm?
In what way are you rethinking consulting?
And that’s where Reconsulting comes in?
What is the profile of someone who would engage your firm?
Can you be more specific about the kinds of business challenges you would help an executive team tackle?
What are the tangible benefits of the Reconsulting approach?
You talk a lot about your 20+ years of experience. Just what have you learned over the years that you are now putting into practice at Reconsulting?
Most companies have been through some combination of “motivational” or “leadership” programmes. They tend to have minimal business benefit when all is said and done. Why would this be any different?
If you are engaging large numbers of people and encouraging them to move the business forward, how do you ensure that things are managed and controlled? Don’t you risk introducing a menu of chaos and confusion?
And you can get large scale organisational improvement using only a few consultants?
Can you tell me a little about a typical client engagement using this unique approach?
To be honest, much of this I’ve heard before. What’s so new about the Reconsulting approach?
Focusing on the positive and generating an optimistic viewpoint sounds dangerously like “happy talk” to me. Won’t this be used as an excuse to dodge issues and problems?