Marilieke Engbers

What gets her excited?

Conflicts between the members of a team, hahaha!

What motto does she live by?

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.

How did she end up at Reconsulting?

Marilieke knew Terry from her time at Andersen. When Pim and Derkjan teamed up with Terry, whilst Derkjan was also working with Marilieke on her PhD, she thought: “I might as well join!”

Where has she been on the way?

Born in Makati in the Philippines in a Philips family, then moved to another Philips plant in Monterey, Mexico. When she was 7 she moved to the chilly Netherlands in Veldhoven, near Eindhoven. She did her studies in Maastricht, Liege, Manila and Barcelona. After a short while in Rotterdam, she moved to Amsterdam. The city she will never leave again, she decided, after having lived in Curacao for a year with her family. She lives there with her husband and three sons.

Favourite activities

Walking the dog around the Gaasperplas, boxing, reading, chatting.

Marilieke has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in leadership and change. Over the last few years, she has focused more and more on (strategic) dialogue. Making sure the right conversations take place between the right people at the right time is basically her change architecture. Currently she is working on a PhD called “Mindreading in the Boardroom” to turn what she has learnt and practised back into a science-based application.
Although Marilieke graduated in Business Economics with a Master in International Financial Management, she always had a deep interest in learning, leadership, behavior and dialogue. When she was invited to join the People Services group at Arthur Andersen in 1998 she was excited to take the opportunity.

In addition to working with all kinds of clients in profit and non-profit at Arthur Andersen, Marilieke had the opportunity to work in an international team with a Swiss psychiatrist on the development of Creative Leadership for the EMEIA-practice. Building on this, Robert Putnam of Action Design who taught her to “Reflect in Action’ became another important influence on Marilieke’s work and perspectives 
In order to be able to help clients effectively with leadership issues Marilieke believes she needs to learn more than her clients do. Continuous learning enables her to model the right behavior and it makes her more compassionate about what her clients experience. 

In 2001 Marilieke co-founded Het Consulaat (, a consulting firm in which learning, dialogue, theatrical interventions and reflection are the core of the business. Over the last few years her focus has shifted to the boardroom, and although she is still one of the owners of Het Consulaat, she decided to move on and become part of Reconsulting. Next to that Marilieke is working on a PhD about the relation between what people think and feel but do not say and the decision-making process in boardrooms.
During the past 20 years Marilieke has worked for a large number of organisations to help them become more reflective and effective. Some of these include KLM, Wärtsila, Generali, Martinair, Ministries (Tax, foreign affairs), Municipalities and healthcare organisations.
Marilieke is fluent in English and Dutch.