Kevin Schloemer

What gets him excited?

Tackling a problem head-on with a great team of people that are determined to deliver and implement a solution that improves how a business works. It’s seeing the strategies and solutions working on the ground that gets him really excited and makes him feel that he’s doing what he loves.

How did he end up at Reconsulting?

After moving back to the Netherlands and having worked at Andersen previously, Kevin found what he was looking for at Reconsulting: a boutique strategy firm with a cultural fit and a mission aligned with his own: creating business solutions that stick.

Where has he been on the way?

Business Administration and International Management in The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. Nine years at Andersen Consulting’s Strategy practice in The Netherlands. Thirteen years in Buenos Aires, where he set up and managed an outsourcing company and had several management consulting positions. All while travelling to more than seventy countries.

Beyond work he gets a buzz from …

Travelling, scuba diving, outdoor trekking, skiing, food and wine, (Thai, Indian, Italian or French) cooking, and spending time with friends.

Kevin has more than 18 years of management experience. In his 12 years as a management consultant he mainly focused on strategy formulation and operations. In his 7 years as an executive his experience lies in managing and developing outsourcing companies. He enjoys working in international, multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and is convinced of the value that different backgrounds can bring to a team.

After studying Business Administration in The Netherlands and International Management in Italy and Belgium, Kevin started his career at Andersen Consulting’s Strategy practice. During his time at Andersen, he worked on numerous strategy projects across a wide range of industries. While travelling around the world on a sabbatical, he fell in love with Buenos Aires and an Argentine – whom he now calls his wife. He lived in Buenos Aires for thirteen years where he set up and managed an outsourcing company. The last three years he worked as an independent management consultant before joining Reconsulting in December 2016. Kevin is fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish and also speaks German and French.

Kevin lives in Amsterdam with his wife. Besides from his work interests, he loves to cook and spend time with friends. He also loves to travel and immerse himself in different cultures. While travelling he always makes some time for scuba diving and outdoor trekking.