Brian Lewis

Favourite activity

Cooking, Golf (born with a natural inability to hit any ball).

What I do at Reconsulting

Help create engagements which are memorable for us and the client – really – it gives me a hell of a buzz.

What I’m all about

Love working with people who are fun, intensely client focussed and share the same values – brilliant!

What business taught

If you do not enjoy your work – really enjoy it – you are wasting your life away.

Brian LewisEngaging people to deliver their all, creating inspirational leaders and building high performance cultures – and that’s all before lunch!

Brian’s enthusiasm for behavioural change began in the 1970’s when he was appointed as a Training Officer for a major distribution company. He quickly evolved to Deputy HR Director for a major retailer.. His independent streak eventually expressed itself and Brian created and ran his own consulting business framed around behavioural change ultimately winning a National Training Award for the creative and innovative use of NLP techniques within the Dixons Stores Group.

Brian’s European perspective was expanded to include the USA when he joined Senn-Delaney Retail Consulting Group. Brian helped grow the work of Senn-Delaney in the UK, adding Harrods and other key retailers as clients. When acquired by Arthur Andersen Consulting, Brian became an integral part of the change management practice working with major businesses such as Shell, The Burton Group, Alliance & Leicester Bank, Warburton’s Bakeries, The Electricity Supply Board of Ireland and The BBC. He was also responsible for Andersen’s global retail development programme based in Chicago.

In 2000 Brian set up his own consulting practice working with Camelot, the BBC World Service, HM Customs & Excise, Specsavers, 02, and BAA.

Brian joined Reconsulting in December 2005 and has spread his talents and enthusiasm across BT, Standard Life, BAA, Specsavers and Tesco. He remains an impactful influencer on the leadership development and behavioural landscape.

Brian holds a BSc (Hons) in Geography and Economics – London University.

Outside the business environment Brian goes round a golf course with a bag with some sticks in it, deluding himself that he is playing golf – his scores would make a darts player proud!

A devoted family man he adores being a pretend chef whilst watching cricket. He refuses to retire!